Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Herbaliser - There Were Seven

The Herbaliser emerged in the mid-1990s as an instrumental duo on Coldcut’s Ninja Tune roster. They specialised in a form of sonic bricolage that Coldcut described as ‘funkjazzticaltricknology’, which encouraged you to make connections between disparate forms of music and challenged you to spot unusual samples.
Their first album in four years drifts between genres, be it the martial roots reggae of Welcome To Extravagance, the Portishead-ish trip hop of The Lost Boy or the spooky Ethiopian-tinged funk of Deep In The Woods. However, their default setting is making short, bombastic instrumentals that borrow heavily from classic movie soundtracks. These make great backing tracks for rappers and the best tracks here are the ones featuring highbrow Canadian duo Twin Peaks – particularly the deliciously spooky, blaxploitation-themed Crimes And Misdemeanours.

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