Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Cat Empire - So Many Nights

Forget the didgeridoo. The Cat Empire has to be the real sound of Australia. It’s perfectly multicultural, young, accomplished, fresh, funky and above all, fun.
They’ve stayed down-to-earth, innovative, and intimate despite their first two albums making platinum status and their third receiving an ARIA. This is a band that refuses to be pigeonholed. Listen to them, and I dare you not to smile and dance, even if you’re feeling glum.
Felix Riebl’s voice, holds everything together. It handles rap, meringue, big band sound, ska, funk, or jazz with an equal laid back smiling croon. And just when you think you can’t be caressed any more sweetly, along comes Oliver McGill on his amazing piano tearing your heart out with most amazing virtuoso. And then comes the trumpets, the flugelhorn, the trombone, the guitars, and the whole thing explodes into a terrific party where you just can’t stop dancing around the living room.

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