Sunday, 14 October 2012

Boozoo Bajou - Dust My Broom

The term 'Dust My Broom' is rooted in the blues music of Robert Johnson. In the figurative sense, among others, this term means to "make a clean sweep" and as such indicates the beginning of something new. It’s an appropriate title for the second album by Boozoo Bajou, two Nuremberg based producers Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth who have joined the !K7 Records family after years of collaboration with German independent label Stereo Deluxe. It’s also an appropriate term for a group that takes a huge amount of inspiration from the diverse musical landscape of the deep-south "Bayou" culture - from blues to country to soul.
Dust My Broom marks a fresh chapter in the sound of Boozoo Bajou. Their famous laidback sound has been extended into a broader territory that borrows from blues, jazz, reggae and soca rhythms. This new territory is deep, with wide, rejuvenating references that are multi-layered. Boozoo Bajou communicate different types of "roots" music and convey their intrinsic affinity to it. Blaxploitation style soul, deep blues, Southern folk, jazz and original R&B all combine with Boozoo Bajou dub to form a beautiful mosaic. The album features collaborations with UK based MC Top Cat (known for his work with Shy FX), country legend Tony Joe White, U-Brown, Joe Dukie, and soul crooner and voice of the infamous Foxy Brown film soundtrack, Willie Hutch. These highly impressive guest vocalists contribute to the overall impact of Dust My Broom which despite the German conception has its roots firmly planted in the USA. Both White and Hutch were recorded in their native Tennessee and it’s this TN feeling that sweeps through the album. Like taking a boat through the bayou, the Boozoo Bajou duo has created a captivating guide through exotic lands.

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