Friday, 5 October 2012

Wax Taylor - In The Mood For Life

Behind the cutting, spinning, guest artists and precision-oriented rhyming is where the french producer Jean-Christophe Le Saoût and his project Wax Tailor resides. In The Mood For Life combines what breakbeat hip-hop deserves to be remembered as and what Wax Tailor is constantly perfecting.
For fans of Nightmares on Wax, Avalanches, Thievery Corporation or even J5, Wax Tailor use time-tested rhyming techniques with instrumentally invigorating backdrops. On In The Mood For Life, supporting artists enable a change in tone and style. The list of artists includes: Charlotte Savary, Speech Defect, Sara Genn, Mattic, Dionne Charles, Voice and Ali Harter, ASM and Charlie Winston.
Thanks to the artists, the relaxing and sometimes animated atmosphere that Le Saoût has prepped corrals track to track in a harmonious fashion that averts negative attention from a possibly too-diverse expanse of songs. The album’s length helps it slip in and out of several non-compatible songs, yet it is through this time gap from these songs that allows for the transitions to appear fluid rather than blocky.
On the whole, In The Mood For Life mandates patience for anyone who isn’t familiar with any of the other groups mentioned above, but only asks a listen through for an attuned ear to really appreciate. Wax Tailor possess the hand every breakbeat artists desires and have bogarted the loot with such a quality assortment of accompanying musicians. This well executed album might be for you or it might not be, but whatever you do, do not call it rap.


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