Sunday, 7 October 2012

Marcos Valle - Previsao do Tempo

Almost everything that Marcos Valle has written or recorded is wonderful, but this is the real deal for brasil groove fans. On this 1973 release Marcos Valle is moving away from the familiar bossa sounds of the 60s towards a radical new interpretation of his brasilian sound. Valle was discovered just after high school when the bossa nova sound was at the height of it’s popularity, he was a fixture on the scene, with many Brazilian artists eager to record his songs. On “previsão do tempo” every bit is as warmly watery as the image of Marcos in a swimming pool on the cover. This warm and energetic mix of tunes fared well with the help of his backing band, who would later become Azymuth, the album was nothing short of innovative and Valle incorporates the textures and moods of European soundtracks and French pop. It has got plenty of nice layers of fender rhodes and moog synthetisers and all songs are killers. This is one of the best brasil records which are beyond bossa nova and samba, groovy as hell. It’s no wonder that the album was one of Valle’s last great recordings.


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