Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jorge Ben - Samba Esquema Novo

Classic Album!
Ben's first full-length record, this 1963 release contains the hit singles "Mas Que Nada" and "Chove Chuva" and typifies the light yet propulsive rhythms that afforded Ben a decades-long career in Brazilian pop. Not yet pared down to the more rock- and Afro percussive-driven sound he eventually developed, Samba Esquema Novo (which translates to "New Style Samba") is replete with swirling bossa nova rhythms and soaring choruses. Its big-band-style accompaniment, nicely off-set by Ben's signature minor-tone guitar workings, propels the set into an upbeat and enjoyable listen.


  1. amazing blog bro, im lovin your selection of music, big ups for the black seeds - on the sun, so epic! this ben jorge album is asking for a password when i unrar? could you send me the pass? thanks!

    1. Cheers man, nice blog you got too. I think i've lost the password but im trying to find a new link that doesnt need a password.
      Thanks for visiting the blog!