Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sola Rosa - Get It Together

The fourth full length offering from Sola Rosa retains the slick grooves and stylish tunes that Sola Rosa are renowned for.
Andrew Spraggon takes his musical influences from around the world and it shows on 'Get It Together' - it has something for everyone, fusing many genres including dub, lounge, jazz and soul. Starting off with just himself and a laptop, Sola Rosa has slowly grown to a full live experience that includes musicians Will Scott (drums) Ben White (guitar) and Matt Short (bass) as steady contributors. Guest spots on 'Get It Together' come courtesy of Spikey Tee, Serocee and newcomer Iva Lamkum, who's vocals on 'Turn Around' - the first single - are a highlight of the album and are perfectly suited to the Sola Rosa style.
The aptly named 'Bond Is Back' is indeed the perfect James Bond theme song, bringing to mind images of gun toting tuxedo wearing gentlemen lurking in the shadows.
Sola Rosa have always been adept at putting together a huge number of different instruments, including such diverse instruments as the Timbale, the Conga and the Vibraslap, and making their own uniquely identifiable sound.

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